Double Silver and Gold Earrings “Essence”

  • Subtle but noticeable, “eye-catching” earrings.
  • Hard, hardened silver handcuffed. Archaic, luxurious and skillful technique.
  • Emphasis on handwork!
  • Bird-shaped “hand-cutting” is also deliberately emphasized – they are not stamped or cast, each cut with a small saw made of polished gold plate.
  • The captive light sterling silver goes hand in hand with the golden birds (15K ) crouching in circles, which are solid, massive, contrasting rose gold – no imitation gilding!
  • Essence resistant to fashion and style change.
  • Dimensions: the upper part of the earring is 20 mm. in diameter, and the lower part of the earring is 15 mm. in diameter.
  • The indicated price is for a pair of earrings.

Handmade triumph. Elegant, delicate composition and cozy story.

If we were to not have a pair of Essence piercings in the YURGA online store, their production and certification time will take up to four weeks. A more detailed description can be found below.


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Double Silver and Gold Earrings “Essence”
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