Gold Ring with Sapphire and Diamonds “Poppy”

  • Delicate, rich in meaning and visually classic ring shape.
  • Rose 18K gold.
  • When ordering individually, the gold color of the ring can be chosen: pink (pictured), white, or yellow.
  • In the center – a dark, blue (0.03 ct.) sapphire.
  • Twelve (0.07 ct.) white diamonds “sprinkled” around the shining poppies.
  • Product (approximate) weight: ~ 3.5 g.
  • Every time something changes, depending on the size of the finger and because
  • The ring is handmade.

Meaningful, elegant & classic ring.

If we were to not have the required size of Poppy in YURGA e-shop today, the production, hallmarking and certification of the ring will take about 6 weeks. A more detailed description is given below.


Gold Ring with Sapphire and Diamonds “Poppy”

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