Gold Ring with Diamonds and Gemstones “Spring”

  • A unique, fabulous solution that follows a beautiful story.
  • Only handmade, so it is impossible to create two identical rings and that gives it all of its meaning and beauty!
  • When ordered individually, the gold color of the ring can be chosen as well as the gemstones.
  • Solid 14K gold.
  • This Spring is decorated with clear diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires.
  • The ring has no “bad side” – its entire surface is visually rich.
  • The Spring is valuable in that it does not imitate faceless classics – it is probably so characteristic, exclusive and artistic that it claims to become one itself.
  • Combines matte and polished gold surfaces.
  • When ordering a ring, its price would change from the 19th size.

Artistic, rich and at the same time hilariously playful jewelry. Protecting history in its time as well as its worth.

The Spring ring would be created only by individual order. Its production and creative process will take up to six weeks.


Gold Ring with Diamonds and Gemstones “Spring”

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