Handmade White and Rose Gold Wedding Rings “Blooming Meadow”

  • Symbolic, artistic, sculptural and decorative.
  • Resistant to fashion, style change and suitable for everyday use.
  • Symbolizes eternal flowering in the rich meadow of life.
  • Decorate with a pair of individual, stylized, paired initials adapted to the ring design and graphics.
  • The rings match the principle of contrast – white and rose gold, rough matte and polished, shiny texture.
  • Handmade.
  • The interior is comfortably convex in the “comfort zone”.
  • Ring width – 8 mm.
  • Hard, “eternal” gold with a fineness of 585 (14K);
  • Approximate weights (preliminary, depending on size): 8 g. – 9 g.
  • The price of one ring is indicated, which varies from a larger size (from the 19th size).

Rich and laconic. Artistic and symbolic. Original & for your everyday.

We create these wedding rings only by individual order. Their production would take up to five weeks. When ordering, we need to know the desired pair of initials (men’s and women’s) – we will match them and then we will start the production process.


Handmade White and Rose Gold Wedding Rings “Blooming Meadow”

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