Silver Necklace “Leaves”

  • The jewelry is a transformer that can be both a necklace and a bracelet (when twisted twice around the arm, the Leaves become a stylish bracelet).
  • Handmade.
  • Silver (when ordered individually, the leaves can be decorated with gold bumps, or one gold leaf can be “woven”).
  • Traditionally necklace length – 45 or 66 cm. (when ordering an individual necklace length can also be selected).
  • Very comfortable silver clasp.

Emblematic work of designer Jurga Lago. Graphic, subtle and artistic. With a lasting value, tested in time.

If we were to not have a necklace in our online store today, it will take about two months to make, because every time we “weave” the Leaves by hand again. Each necklace comes out a little different – no two are the same and it is impossible to make, that is all its value and beauty.


550.00 - 750.00

Silver Necklace “Leaves”
From 550.00 Select options
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