Silver and Rose Gold Brooch with Gemstones “Faust”

  • Handwork only. Therefore, every interpretation of Faust will be singular, unique, always different. This is the whole beauty of creation, its whole meaning!
  • The surface of the brooch is created using a special, YURGA’s favorite, flamed sterling silver technique.
  • The bird is a stylized, archetypal shape reminiscent of a child’s drawing. In this way, the poetic meaning is given a modern, timeless “clothing”.
  • Decorated with solid gold details. No gold plating, just solid, rose and contrasting 14K gold.
  • Assorted gems: with emeralds, two rubies, an opal, three optimistic, sunny lemons, and four dark, blue sapphires! Different methods of grinding gemstones are combined – cabochons and faceting.

One of the most iconic YURGA pieces of jewelry!

If we didn’t have a Faust brooch in our online store today, his creation would take five weeks. A more detailed description is below.


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Silver and Rose Gold Brooch with Gemstones “Faust”
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